Ver la Versión Completa : Legal Utilidad de la tarjeta CPS de Canon

Lluís Carro
29/11/12, 12:28:51
Amigos todos de este interesante foro,

Quisiera poneros en antecedentes de lo que, en realidad y en la practica, significa tener una tarjeta CPS Gold de Canon, o por lo menos, lo que para mi ha significado tener una desde el comienzo de su implantación, imaginando que era verdad todo lo que reza en sus coberturas en cuanto a las prioridades de los profesionales titulares.
Os diré que llevo muchos años en activo como profesional, dedicado principalmente a la fotografía publicitaria y creativa, y que ahora, despues de varios tropezones muy desagradables con lo que suponía que podía esperar del servicio CPS, me decidí a informar convenientemente al señor Fujio Mitarai, máximo responsable de Canon en Japón, de mi opinión sobre el servicio a profesionales de CPS.
Pues bien, esto ya fue en septiembre, y como no tengo noticia a día de hoy de nada al respecto, a pesar de haber recibido la confirmación de dicho señor, de haber leído mi correo certificado, pues he pensado que deberíais saber en lo que os podéis encontrar en un momento de necesidad, y no llevaros un chasco como yo.
La única ventaja es la de las dos limpiezas de sensor por máquina y año, nada más, y que se dejen de películas.
Ahí va mi carta al señor Fujio Mitarai, os ayudará a juzgar convenientemente el asunto.

Dear Mr. Fujio Mitarai

As a matter of politeness, I am pleased to inform you about my experience with the CPS Gold card before I send the following text to all Canon forums, bloggers and newspapers that have relationship with Canon photography and photography in general terms. I am sure you will appreciate my courtesy towards your person in being the very first in being informed.

I hold the above mentioned card from the very beginning but, up to now, I only had disappointments, the latest of which occurred at the beginning of August and it is the one that make me take the decision to say what happen.

Being about 1.100 Km away from my studio in a photo task, my portable computer had a crash, much to my regret, and I had to install a new Hard Disk Drive. Luckily enough, the images taken were still in the external HDD and I have not lost them. However, the Canon software has been fully lost.

As I need the DPP software to develop the images, I rang to a Canon service in my area to ask how can I obtain DPP software through the Internet as in the Canon web page there are only updates. I have been redirected to the CPS Gold service in Madrid. Much to my astonishment, the person with whom I talked told me that the software can only be obtained through the original disks and that it was my fault, as I have to carry with me the installing disks and refused any further help. It has been useless to ask, implore and beg for help. The phone call was ended with the promise of being called later on by a responsible or to receive help through e-mail and I have had the impression that was me who was fault about the whole trouble. All this, I allow myself to recall you, in the middle of the images collection. Today, after a whole month, nobody e-mailed or phoned me. My customers cannot wait for their photos. For that reason, I had to develop those RAW images with another software, Lightroom 4.0.

Unfortunately, Canon seems to provoke this attitude in the whole Europe, as I was unable to obtain the DPP software in any place. It is hard to believe that a company with a technical and photographical quality such as Canon has not a proper service. Therefore the card is not a gold one but barely a brass one.

Some time ago, I had an accident with a 17-40 mm lens and I asked to borrow one from Canon while my lens was repaired. I thought I was entitled to have such help but, very surprisingly, CPS Gold Card Service was unable to make such a lens available for me.

In another occasion, I needed a long telephoto lens, between a 400 or a 600 with a broad aperture and I asked for a one-week borrows for a publicity theme for the Catalan government. On that occasion, I also could not have the lens and the argument was that those lenses were only given to sports photographers. Clearly enough, it is quite rewarding for you in terms of publicity to have lots of white lenses on the sports events as they are broadly seen on TV at a low publicity cost.

The highest responsible of CPS Gold Card in Madrid told me to buy one of those lens, telling me that this would be very rewarding for me and that I could show it in front of other photographers and feel proud of it making a difference for me. Hence I had to buy 600 mm f4 lens, which I hardly used for one week. I invite you to consider the kind position of the Madrid responsible of Canon. Of course, for Canon is much better to sell one of those lens that to help a CPS Gold card member.

According to my own experience, CPS Gold card is of no practical use at all for a professional photographer, except for the annual cleaning of the sensor in the workshop located in Barcelona which, I have to say, works quite fine.

Kindly let me know why Canon does not include in their politics an exquisite help to the professional photographers.

No need to say that now I opted for Lightroomn 4.0 and I no longer need for the DPP software or how to download it but, please, be aware that those troubles will be explained throughout the Canon users through the Internet and, of course, using only the strict truth forums, press, and web pages.

I remain,

Yours sincerely!

Lluís Carro

CPS Gold Card #150219001

Un saludo a todos,

Lluís Carro