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16/09/07, 23:30:53
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La "bisha" sale bien parada y con una calidad de imagen excelente, a la par de la 5D (esa afirmación ha levantado algunas ampollas ...). También hace algunos comentarios comparandola con la D300, aunque sea "paperware" ...

Un saludo

22/09/07, 23:23:10
En el último adendum del día 21, se suman otros reconocidos fotógrafos a la aseveración hecha en Luminous LandScape de que la calidad de imagen de la 40D se encuentra a la par de la 5D ... tela !!

September 21, 2007 - Comments from Knowledgable Users

The 40D is now in wide distribution and so people are able to see for themselves how the IQ of this camera compares to that of the 5D. Many on some forums were annoyed (to put it midly) that I had the gall to say that the image quality was comparable. Well, it's turned out that I'm not alone in this opinion.

"BTW just purchased a Canon 40D and have begun to experiment with it. Experience has been limited to this point, but so far I concur completely with your analysis of IQ. It's interesting, isn't it, that so many individuals out there want to believe that the state of the art in digital imaging equipment exists somewhere in the recent past and are incredulous that something new could be better than last year's best".

– A well known professional photographer with more than 30 photo books to his credit.

"I have used Canon 5D since it came out on the market and now I have used Canon 40D for a few weeks (and a few thousands of images). I have made some simple tests to compare IQ and as far as I can see you are quite correct – there is no difference between the two in IQ as far as I can see.

As a wildlife photographer I’m very pleased with the speed of 40D especially right now with the rutting season for red deer. I often have
to use ISO 1600 and the noise is not worse than 5D".

– A professional Swedish wildlife photographer