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Tema: Luminar la alternativa a Adobe Lightroom

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    ene 2008
    Planeta Tierra


    No te puedo decir vigape, seguro que la clave de activación es única, solo para quien lo solicita, esta gente no se por que no lo actualizan por la App Store.

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    Genial. De todas formas me suena que a través de su web se puede recuperar la clave de activación indicando el mail, pero supongo que solo funciona con los que lo han comprado en su web.

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    jun 2013


    Nueva actualización 3.0.2 disponible.

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    abr 2005
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    Luminar 3, ver. 3.0.2

    New Features

    Take advantage of these new features.

    • DATABASE MANAGEMENT. Your Luminar 3 image catalog database is automatically backed up to preserve your edits and metadata. You can control the frequency of backups with the new Preference Panel.
    • PREFERENCE PANEL. Take control of your preferences settings by choosing Luminar 3 > Preferences. You can specify options for Cache, Catalog, and Automatic Backup.
    • IMPROVED HANDOFFS. If you're working with raw file or 16-bit image and use the File > Open In command, a high-quality 16-bit files is exported.
    • AURORA HDR INTEGRATION. Easily hand off bracketed photos to merge in Aurora HDR. Just select multiple photos in your library and choose File > Open In > Aurora HDR.
      Please note that when sending images, your original, unmodified photos are used. When finished in Aurora HDR, be sure to save a TIFF or JPEG file back to the original folder to add it to your Luminar library.
    • LOCATE FOLDER. Have you moved or copied media to a new location? You can right-click on an offline folder and choose Locate Folder to select and reconnect files.
    • ADDING FOLDER IMPROVEMENTS. Change your mind when adding a folder? Just click Cancel to stop the current task.
    • IMPROVED NAVIGATION. Quickly switch between Gallery and Single Image view with dedicated toolbar buttons.
    • NEW LANGUAGES SUPPORTED. Use Luminar 3 in more languages with new localizations:
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Korean
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • SAFER IMPORTS & COPIES. Luminar 3 will alert you if you try to import or copy more files to a new destination when there's not enough hard drive space.
    • IMPROVED EXPORTS. If you try to export images that already exist in a location you'll be prompted to control if the files are overwritten or renamed.

    Performance Improvements

    Get additional speed and performance from the Luminar update.

    • IMPROVED MOVING. When files are moved between an external and internal drive, the images are not duplicated multiple times in your library.
    • IMPROVED FOLDER MANAGEMENT. Are you done with a folder? You can now remove the parent (root folders) from your library and delete it from your hard drive too.
    • IMPROVED sRGB EXPORTS. Some cameras showed color shifts when exporting with the sRGB profile. This has been addressed.
    • IMPROVED Luminar 2018 PROJECT FILES. Opening native Luminar files (.lmnr files) created on Windows platform is improved.
    • STABILITY. Thanks to our users for reporting different issues. This version of Luminar offers general stability improvements.

    New Cameras Added

    The following new cameras are supported by this recent update:

    • NIKON
    • Nikon D3500
    • Nikon P1000
    • Nikon Z6
    • Nikon Z7
    • Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II
    • Fujifilm GFX 50R
    • Fujifilm X-T3
    • SONY
    • Sony RX100VA
    • Sony RX100VI
    • Sony DSC-HX99
    • Sony DSC-HX95
    • LEICA
    • Leica M10-D
    • Leica M10-P
    • Leica D-Lux 7

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    ene 2008
    Planeta Tierra

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